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Energy OSI, an Agile Fractal Grid advocate, joins leadership effort to standardize and expand use of Hybrid AC/DC and DC microgrids and provide professional training workshops

Alexandria, VA, USA, November 12, 2020 – The EMerge Alliance – an open industry association leading the rapid adoption of safe, direct-current (DC) and hybrid AC/DC power distribution standards for buildings, homes, campuses and communities – today announced the addition of Pennsylvania based Energy One Solutions International, makers of the e-One platform for economic optimization, forecasting algorithms and energy analytics for microgrids, to its Governing Board.

Representing Energy OSI will be Kevin Meagher, a Principal of the company. After more than 15 years working on the application of real-time analytics and advanced modeling which led to the introduction of the first Energy Digital Twin, Meagher is now focused on the introduction and expansion of the Digital Twin into the energy markets, as well as continuing its expansion in the power industry. He is widely recognized as an industry leader of market transformation that optimizes the physics of energy and the economics of energy markets.

EMerge Chairman Brian Patterson, said “We look forward to the kind of groundbreaking thought leadership that Kevin and his associates will bring to EMerge. He and the Energy OSI team will bring about a new and much needed modelling, control, and analytics perspective to EMerge and the electric power community we serve. EMerge’s strategic focus is well aligned with Energy OSI. We have the common goal of enabling safely delivered, cleaner, affordable, and reliable energy, by applying sound physics and economics to the use of cleaner and more diverse renewable sources of energy in an increasingly networked environment.

“In addition to gaining a seat on EMerge’s Board, Energy OSI will also lead a new initiative in our organization’s training and information effort,” announced EMerge President, Tom Osterman. “As part of our mission to provide information and education, EMerge is launching a new continuing education series of professional training workshops on microgrids conducted by Energy OSI via the Solar Energy Industry Association and Smart Electric Power Alliancesponsored Solar Power Events organization, producers of Solar Power International (SPI) and Energy Storage International (ESI), SPI, ESI, and North America Smart Energy Week is the largest gathering of solar, energy storage, hydrogen, fuel cell, microgrid, electric vehicle, and wind energy professionals in North America and an extensive portfolio of other regional events.

The monthly Continuing Education workshops, starting in December 2020, will focus on scalable processes for Modelling Nano/Microgrids for Resilience, Islanding Capabilities, Reliability and Energy Markets and will feature Kevin Meagher and Pietro Manni as the principal instructors. “We’re pleased to be joining the effort to enable advanced, distributed, intelligent microgrids to be integrated into, and become a seminal part of, a more resilient and sustainable power grid,” said Meagher. “As developers of scalable, repeatable, cyber secured energy platforms for broad market application that maximize the economic value of distributed energy resources our staff has become subject matter experts in this emerging field and we hope to share our insight and expertise with others in the industry through our involvement in EMerge.”

The EMerge Alliance’s Monthly Microgrid Training Workshops

Workshop 101 – Introduction to Microgrid Modelling and Analysis [1 CEU]

Schedule:  December 7, 2020

Time:  1-5 PM ET

Workshop 201 – Using model & economic value to move to next Tier microgrids [1 CEU]

Schedule:  January 12, 2021

Time:  1-5 PM ET

Workshop 301– Power Engineering Session – Complete Power Flow Analysis [1 CEU]

Schedule:  February 16, 2021

Time:  1-5 PM ET

Workshop 401– Micro/Nanogrid Modelling Practicum [1 CEU]

Schedule:  March 16, 2021

Time:  1-5 PM ET

About the EMerge Alliance

The EMerge Alliance is a non-profit open industry association containing commercial, government and academic member organizations developing standards leading to the rapid adoption of hybrid AC/DC microgrids in commercial/industrial and residential buildings, neighborhoods and communities. EMerge standards integrate building and campus infrastructures, power, controls and devices in microgrid platforms to facilitate the hybrid use of AC and DC power. The standards facilitate greater energy resiliency and sustainability while maximizing the potential to use of distributed clean and renewable local energy. Learn more at or for direct support

About Energy OSI

Energy One Solutions International provides a scalable, repeatable and cyber secured energy platform for broad market participation that maximizes the economic value of Distributed Energy Resources with the physics of the energy digital twin optimizing them to provide multiple services to the power grids. The e-One family of solutions and products combines advanced forward optimization and machine learning algorithms to maximize the concurrent participation of the distributed energy resources in the various energy markets and utility programs, while ensuring the physical and cyber security of the microgrid and its assets. Learn more at or for direct support

Energy One Solutions International (EOSI) is launching personalized, scalable microgrid solutions built on its proven e-One product suite.

CEO and Founder of Energy One Solutions International Alain P. Steven and Principal Kevin Meagher have joined forces to provide fully integrated solutions that turn micro/nano grids into economically sustainable and cyber secured resources, that help power grid operators maintain a highly reliable and resilient grid, as the power system is increasingly threatened by major weather or cyber related events.

The expanded EOSI core team consists of industry veterans with hundreds of years of combined experience in the development and deployment of large scale integrated real-time solutions ranging from wholesale market management (RTO/ISO), energy management and distribution systems, to the economical and physical co-optimization of military, commercial and community micro/nano grids.

“The future power grids will become a constellation of microgrids and nanogrids exchanging energy and reliability services with the main power grid. They will form a symbiotic relationship with the distribution and transmission grids that will contribute to the reliability and resiliency of an increasingly de-carbonized and distributed power system.

As states and countries are setting aggressive targets towards the de-carbonization of society, power grid operators are increasingly facing the challenges associated with the variability and the loss of visibility of behind-the-meter resources, together with the loss of the system inertia necessary to maintain a stable system. When integrated within the power ecosystem, micro/nanogrids contribute to the reliability and resiliency of the grid while enabling electric utilities to defer costly capacity expansion and equipment replacement. This potential is recognized in the recently released FERC 2222 Order, which is aimed to enable the participation of the growing amount of behind-the-meter energy resources in the wholesale energy markets” said Alain P. Steven, Founder of Energy One Solutions International.

The e-One family of solutions and products combines advanced forward optimization and machine learning algorithms to maximize the concurrent participation of the distributed energy resources in the various energy markets and utility programs, while ensuring the physical and cyber security of the microgrid and its assets.

“Our e-One Digital Twin, combined with the e-One Optimizer, provides the ultimate tool to plan, validate, visualize and operate microgrid assets and operations, both off-line and in real-time. In real-time, not only does it validate the physical feasibility of the economic schedules, it also detects, immediately, departures from the microgrid design envelope, including and up to sophisticated cyber-attacks.” said Kevin Meagher Principal at Energy One Solutions International.

A.F. Mensah which specializes in the development and delivery of fully integrated and optimized PV/Storage systems is on board as a Strategic Technical Partner. The Mensah team, under the leadership of CEO Adje Mensah, was one of the PJM market participants that actively collaborated on the newly published FERC 2222 order.

EOSI is developing several major projects, both in North America and abroad, in partnership with a growing number of companies providing the complementary products, services and expertise necessary to develop large, scalable, cybersecure solutions. This includes the Agile Fractal Grid (AFG), which integrates vertical solutions into its integrated infrastructure for 5G communication, edge computing, and OT cybersecurity.

EOSI is pleased to partner with Event One Solutions for the professional organization of all major international events and webinars across the energy industry.

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