Economic Driven Solutions

Economical, Resilient Green Energy

Energy One solutions optimize the value of Green assets and

provides effective management of those assets

to achieve greater economic return.

e-One provides micro/nano grid owners with the ability to accelerate the ROI of their DER assets through advanced physical/economical


Combined with advanced power analytics, it extracts maximum economic value from the assets while ensuring a reliable delivery of power to the loads, both in connected and islanded modes. 

Real-time measurement and simulation-based predicted behavior is used to provide a unified view in the economic and physical performance of assets.

The e-One team brings hundreds of years’ of combined experience in the development and deployment of integrated real-time solutions including the majority of US RTO/ISO energy markets, power grids, and the economical and physical co-optimization of micro/nano grids.

The scalability of our solutions leverage the Agile Fractal Grid methodology that loosely couples nanogrids and microgrids (Referred to as Fractal Nodes). Fractal nodes differ from so called Virtual Power Plants (VPP) as they are able to provide or consume active/reactive power and are co-optimized in a hierarchical fashion to provide advanced reliability and resiliency services to power grids. Through this methodology, solutions can be deployed incrementally, and the revenues generated from the active Fractal Nodes provide the cash flow necessary to offset the cost of the next increment.

Past Experiences


University of California

at San Diego 

The development of 45 MW microgrid at the University of California at San Diego (UCSD) campus


Secure Automated Microgrid Energy System

Three interconnected locations, based on existing circuits selected by the Naval Facilities Engineering Command South West.



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