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The Sun Company has secured a strategic agreement with Energy One Solutions International.

Updated: Sep 23, 2021

Two visionary companies join forces to deliver the global energy ecosystem of the future.

TUCSON, AZ, UNITED STATES, August 23, 2021 / -- The Sun Company Texas, LLC (TSC) formally announces a new strategic agreement with Energy One Solutions International (EOSI). Under the terms of the agreement, EOSI will provide consulting and software to plan, validate, visualize, and operate microgrid assets and operations, both off-line and in real-time. In real-time, TSC will be able to validate the physical feasibility of the economic schedules, and also immediately detect departures from the microgrid design envelope during the lifetime of the system, including sophisticated cyber-attacks.

TSC is a visionary global renewable energy company delivering the next generation of energy ecosystems. Through its mission to deliver the most cost effective, highest quality, and most usable microgrid solutions on the planet, TSC is accelerating the mass adoption of clean energy. TSC is a holistic company bringing a full suite of products and services, including a revolutionary, patented, off-grid flow battery technology and business model that delivers clean energy optimized for residential, commercial and utility applications. TSC is the future of energy, driving integration, sustainability and access for all.

EOSI brings visionary experience and industry leadership with the integration of cybersecurity, economics and physics to a SaaS software platform and the services essential to planning real-time operation and energy markets participation. EOSI’s Energy One platform, the Energy Digital Twin™, optimizes renewable generation, storage and load flexibility to achieve maximum economic benefits and optimum asset utilization within both regulatory, market and physical constraints. The EOSI team combines a deep knowledge of implementation and power engineering as well as energy markets all delivered through a comprehensive digital twin architecture. The Energy Digital Twin™ quickly determines the potential revenue for assets, and the optimal physical equipment design to meet the combined goals of low cost, maximized revenue potential and secure operation.

EOSI and TSC will apply their joint solution to deployed and deployable assets in energy markets globally. With this agreement, TSC and EOSI will accelerate optimization of and integration with energy markets to help democratize green energy for all stakeholders, delivering the greatest value at the lowest possible cost, with proven security protocols.

Our goals and objectives are aligned to create the global energy ecosystem of the future combining technology, vision, passion and integrity.

Democratize + Optimize Energy For All!

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Press Release TSC + EOSI
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