Alain Steven
CEO & Founder

Alain Steven has over 52 years of experience in the Electric Power industry, including 35 years as a senior executive, with focus on real-time mission critical systems for demand side management, energy markets, grid management, microgrids, nuclear and fossil power plant simulators and plant computers. 


Mr. Steven founded Energy One Solutions International (EOSI) in 2007, which is focused on the economic and physical co-optimization of microgrids and Distributed Energy Resources. He is also CTO Energy for the Agile Fractal Grid Corporation, a company offering broad solutions integrating advanced cybersecurity, telecommunication and energy into a comprehensive solution platform.


Mr. Steven is Secretary General for GO15, an international association regrouping at the CEO level nineteen of the largest Power Grid and Market Operators in the world. The GO15 members collectively serve over 3.5 billion consumers. 


Mr. Steven was also CTO of San Francisco based Advanced Microgrid Solutions (AMS), a startup company that installs advanced storage solutions providing additional capacity to the power grid while lowering customer energy bills. Specifically, he helped the company develop its software optimization platform.


He was CTO and co-founder of Viridity Energy, a company specialized in advanced Demand Response services and solutions, and is the author of seven patents. At Viridity, he led the development of the company’s advanced optimization solutions for microgrids and DER, including the UC San Diego 47 MW microgrid, and several military base microgrids.


Prior to Viridity, Mr. Steven held senior executive positions as CTO of the PJM Interconnection, President of PJM Technologies, CEO of Alstom ESCA Corporation and Vice President Simulator Business at ABB Combustion Engineering. Prior to 1983, Mr. Steven held various engineering and management positions with EAI, a NJ based leader in simulation and replica power plant training simulators (Nuclear and Fossil).


Mr. Steven graduated from the University of Liège (Belgium) in 1968, where he earned a degree of Engineer in Physics and Aerospace. 

Kevin Meagher

Kevin P. Meagher – MBA, BS Business, BS Biochemistry. Kevin served as President and Chief Technology officer of Power Analytics. Under his guidance, Power Analytics introduced industry-leading capabilities for energy management and pattern recognition software, including electrical design software, mission critical management software, microgrid power management system software, and the companied digital twin solution. Kevin has more than fifteen patents in analytical processes, and he is the creator of the Energy Alignment Process, a strategic planning process that takes a long-term, holistic view of an energy system that emphasizes overall ROI and economic value. Kevin has successfully led microgrid projects at University of California (San Diego) as well as demonstration projects and served as the Principle Investigator for the prestigious ESTCP program for three US Navy bases in California. Kevin has also served as an expert reviewer for Department of Energy programs and ARPA-e. Kevin has authored numerous papers on power, energy, and high availability architectures and has led development organizations and provided strategic planning for companies such as Eaton, Invensys, Computer Associates and IBM.

Dale Garrett

Dale Garrett has over 30 years of leadership in Executive & Financial Management, Operations Management, Program & Project Management, Sales & Marketing, and Quality & Process Improvement. He has over 10 years of experience as president of a data analytics & service company which helped businesses improve the clarity of their operations and execution in both the federal and private sectors. Additionally, he has over 20 years of experience as the Director of Operations, Delivery Management in the utility industry, managing the delivery of EMS/DMS/ISO systems & services both domestically and Internationally.

Steve Lopiano

Steve Lopiano is President of Gateway Power Group. Steve previously served as the Executive Vice President at Power Analytics where he directed operations, sales and marketing groups. Steve is a seasoned, well-respected strategist who has provided leadership and consulting to both small and Fortune 50 companies. With an acute sense of timing, competitive insight, and critical decision-making skills, Steve has accumulated a broad and deep portfolio of success that includes:  the development of new markets; entry into existing markets with nearly impenetrable barriers; “ahead-of-the-curve” market exits; complex business-to-business solutions; and partnerships, alliances, and mergers and acquisitions. Steve is a pathfinder for the electric energy industry as he brings innovative solutions to market.

Pierre-Henri Gresse

Pierre-Henri is the CEO and Founder of Flexide Energy (Belgium). Through various experiences, he has developed specific skills in the economic optimization of DER assets, the development of market modeling, and the implementation of demand response projects throughout Europe and the USA. 

Pierre-Henri serves as the Technical Coordinator of GO15, the association of the CEOs from the largest power grid operators in the world, where he manages the studies of renewable integration and resilience. He previously held a position as a development engineer at Viridity Energy, after attaining master's degrees in Engineering as well as in Management and Entrepreneurship (ULg, Belgium).

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