The e-One team combines the ability to develop and deploy large mission-critical

systems to the electric utility industry, leveraging our in-depth knowledge of the energy markets (RTO/ISO) and the management of power grids ranging from transmission and distribution to micro and nano grids. Services include:

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Economic modeling based on

various optimization/participation

scenarios in energy markets and utility programs

Our team consists of industry veterans, with hundreds of years of combined experience in the development and deployment of large scale integrated real-time solutions. Our services range from wholesale market management (RTO/ISO), energy management and distribution systems, to the economical physical co-optimization of military, commercial and community micro/nano grids

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Planning and expansion of micro-grids

Our team will ensure the optimal design and operation of your physical assets. Successful microgrid projects will be developed from the ground up. Our professional engineers will provide the foundational model that becomes the energy digital environment for the life of your project.

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​Nanogrid and microgrid training

Opening the doors for market participation will ensure the rapid growth of the microgrid market. EOSI team will provide training to ensure jobs can be filled by certified engineers for the 1,000’s of microgrids requiring Tier 1 nanogrid modeling. We will also offer advanced training to enable engineers to ensure optimal economic value as nanogrid clusters combine to form microgrids with state of the art control systems, safety, communications and cyber security.

Our focus for the last ten years has been on the participation of microgrids and nanogrids in the energy markets and/or utility incentive programs,

in support of the reliability and resiliency of the main power grid.