University of California

at San Diego 


In this project, our team provided the master controller and supported the development of 45 MW microgrid at the University of California at San Diego (UCSD) campus.  This development has been partially funded by a California Energy Commission (CEC) grant as part of the Renewable Energy Secure Community (RESCO) project.

Using industry leading engineering software for system management, UCSD currently self-generates 92 percent of the annual campus electricity demand.  The distributed energy resources (solar, directed biogas fuel cells, electricity and thermal energy storage, combined cooling, heat and power, diesel generators, and electric vehicles) are optimized based upon market price signals, weather, fuel costs, operational considerations and environmental objectives.  The system includes 125 networked buildings and 70 associated building control systems across 1200 acres.  The campus power infrastructure is very dynamic with additions and deletions from the microgrid resources on a regular basis.  With our software, the campus is able to see what impact each of these changes would have on the microgrid prior to the addition or removal of the power system asset (generation, storage or load).  During a recent demand response event, the campus reduced its grid electricity consumption by 80 percent with no impact on critical loads.  As well as improving reliability, the microgrid has produced $10 million per year in cost avoidance from offsetting utility demand with self-generation.  It has also substantially reduced the UCSD carbon footprint.  


ESTCP - Secure Automated Microgrid Energy System




An integrated platform with management, modeling,

control and optimization in a cyber-secure architecture.


A cluster of 3 geographically separated military microgrids

managed through an enterprise system at a single facility.


Improved reliability, eased integration of renewables, and reduced costs.


Naval Bases San Diego, Coronado and Point Loma

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