Our custom solutions are built on our proven e-One product suite, which combines advanced

economic optimization and forecasting algorithms with powerful energy analytics to extract the

most value of the assets while ensuring reliable operation of the microgrid, both in connected

and in islanded mode. The e-One product suite is based on powerful and time-proven algorithms, and its full value is unleashed by the recent FERC Order 2222, which opens DER participation directly into the RTO/ISO energy, capacity, and ancillary services markets.

The e-One Optimizer

A broad spectrum product that provides the optimal DER schedules in real-time.

Unlike conventional solutions, it continuously optimizes a portfolio of DERs, including distributed generation, storage, and load flexibility based on forecasted data such as real-time market prices, utility incentives, and local weather.

Advanced time-dependent models of the DERs capture their electrical and thermal energy storage capabilities.

Time-dependent constraints take into account the applicable physical, environmental, and regulatory constraints.

A multi time frame co-optimization enables the DERs to participate simultaneously in multiple markets and utility grid services.

The e-One Energy Digital Twin

Enables the modeling, the time-based predictive/adaptive simulation, and the visualization of the energy resources and their interconnections via the grid.

In Off-line Mode, it enables the planning and optimal sizing of the microgrid. When coupled with the e-One Optimizer, it provides a powerful tool to analyze the cost/benefits of various scenarios of capacity expansion and market participation.

In On-line Mode, it compares in real-time actual measurements against predicted values, in order to detect performance degradation or abnormal situations such as external attacks on the microgrid. When coupled with the e-One Optimizer, it validates the economic schedules, taking into account various thermal or dynamic stability violations on the microgrid.

When coupled with advanced graphic user interfaces, such as 3D or Virtual Reality, it provides end users with the capability to navigate across their assets and drill all the way down to the equipment level.

The e-One Hybrid Energy Storage System Optimizer

Specific asset interfaces include a family of microgrid controllers, including our newest

e-One Hybrid Energy Storage System Optimizer (Under development), which permits

combining various energy storage technologies (e.g. supercapacitors and Li-ion batteries) in storage systems that combine fast, high power capacity with long-term storage.

The e-One product suite builds on powerful tools and libraries that enable a

cost-effective deployment of the most complex grid and microgrid arrangements, which include:

A state-of-the-art, component-oriented model builder which includes an expandable library of time-dependent electrical and thermal model components.

A federated database that combines multiple streams of internal and external data to provide the user with an object-oriented view of all relevant attributes as well as internal and external data associated with any component of the system.

A comprehensive library of protocols to support data communications with markets, utilities, and assets.

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