The e-One team is comprised of industry veterans with hundreds of years of combined experience in the development and deployment of integrated real-time solutions including the US RTO/ISO energy markets, the control and optimization of the transmission and distribution power grids (EMS/DMS), and the economical and physical co-optimization of military, commercial, and community micro/nanogrids. 

Our vision is that the power grids of the future will become a constellation of loosely coupled

microgrids, exchanging energy and other services via the power system backbone. Our approach

follows the Agile Fractal Grid methodology, which enables an incremental transition to a highly

distributed microgrid, one fractal at a time. As microgrids are deployed, one of our key strengths

is to optimize the microgrid generation, storage, and flexible load assets in order to maximize

revenues through advanced grid reliability services. In particular, we turn renewable

intermittent resources into dispatchable generation by combining them with various forms of storage and flexible loads.